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Amazing Navajo Weaving Techniques to Learn

As already mentioned in previous articles in this website, there are different weaving techniques. There are also too many different looms being used for weaving. And this time, it is best to know and learn about the Navajo weaving techniques. This technique is very simple. The use of warp loom is very effective. It is a wood which is in the form of letter “I”. When you are already done with the strings, insert shed stick to make the work easier and faster to finish.

Apply now some of the weaving techniques. First is the plain weave technique. After doing about ten layers, tuck in the end of the yarn. Do the same on the other side. The use of different colors is best for creating a beautiful weaved product. When weaving, apply the different weaving techniques. Again, you can do four weaving techniques such as plain weave, basket weave, box weave, and rya weave. To emphasize the different patterns, use different colors of yarn for each of the weaving technique.  I would like to introduce you this great beauty company. You can browse around this website to check this company. See how they truly give you the best beauty treatment.

Any pattern that you want is fine. Wedge weave using different colors of yarn will make it look more beautiful. For beginners, it is best to do the basic and easy techniques. The Navajo weaving techniques are truly amazing and it is also easy to learn as long as you practice it. Every weaver should remember that the use of looms and shed sticks make the work easier. Do not forget to prepare various colors of yarn and prepare the string too.