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Fiber Arts Studio

For fiber artists, they have their own studio where they do the work such as processing the wool, spinning the yarn, felting, adding colours using natural dyes, knitting, and so on. The work is not easy but fiber artists enjoy their job. Though they use some machines like a knitting machine, if there is a big project that they need to finish, then they need to work as fast as they can. There are many different products that fiber artists, knitters, and weavers had finished.

Some of the examples are scarfs and blankets. In making products out of fibers, it requires a great skill. Spinning the yarn for example is not an easy task. Depending on the amount of yarn you want to make, it can take not only a week or a month especially if you spin only with the use of your hands. When you visit a fiber artist’s studio, you will be greatly amazed as you can see many different machines used in weaving, knitting, and spinning.

There are different colors of fibers being used by fiber artists. And they also use natural dyes to create a more colorful fiber which they will later use to create beautiful and colorful works of art. With the help of machines, the work can be done a bit faster compared to just with the use of both hands. For fiber artists who want to focus on their jobs, they need to have their own studio where they can work on their own.