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Weaving Techniques

Weaving is one of the skills or methods needed to make a fabric or cloth. Plain Weave is one of the basic techniques in weaving. It is basically “under and over” method of weaving. Anyone can surely follow how to do it. With the use of a weaving needle and also a yarn which is already threaded on the needle, you can already start to weave. Another technique aside from plain weave is the basket weave. After doing the plain weave, you can also do another technique.

Basket weave is “under two, over two” or the use of two strings at a time while weaving and all the way across. It is easier to hand weave using this technique. Next technique is called the box weave. This can be done by doing plain weave first. The strings should remain straight while you weave using the different weaving techniques. In the box weave technique, you can create s tiny box or a medium-sized box. This is done on basis of the plain weave.

The use of different colors of yarn while weaving will make your finish product look more beautiful. When weaving, make sure that you do not pull the strings or yarn too tight. When you do weaving at home, you can actually use a cardboard and cut the edges which will serve as your loom. And the strings to be used should be thinner than the yarn to be used in weaving. Another weaving technique is called the rya weave that uses short pieces of yarn.